Sending mail from on-server

Christer Pyyhtiä christer at
Thu Oct 3 00:58:59 EDT 2013

Runrev support does not respond, so asking help from the community.

There used to be a good code strip in the LC guides, which allowed kicking out e-mail from the server. Great way to automate a lot of follow-up and support for your app.

For a couple of weeks ago someone changed something in the server, and the mail capability stopped from working.  I got an advice from on-rev support to use 

shell command /usr/bins/sendmail -t < filename, where in the file you have lines to:emailaddr / from:emailaddr / subject:subject / then body.

Now, how to put it exactly in LC

shell ("/usr/bins/sendmail -t < filename")

As you store your filename in your own domain area, the sendmail command responds an error cannot allocate memory:

- do I have to shovel my file into some special area?
- do I have to issue username & password with the filename somewhere?
- or something else?

I have succeeded protecting myself from Unix so far, so happily copy a working solution here.


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