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This my iOS success

1) First set up your in-app purchase products in iTunes Connect(wait to be
2) Add in-app purchases to both your development and production provisioning
3) Add a test account in iTunes Connect. This will allow you to buy in the
sandbox and not incur any charges.

Now the code is a little more tricky depending on the type of IN-app
purchase product.

It look like you will use non-renewing-subscription. This will require your
app to keep track of the amount of time the user has used the product and
expire the app when appropriate. I use a remote MySql db to keep track of
the subscriptions keyed by the email address. I also use a SQLite locally in
the app to keep track when there is no network is available and the sync
them back up when the network comes back on-line.

After I review the code I put up a pseudo code summary.

I am implementing this on Android and will post my trials and tribulations.

Stand at 11.
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It may be I red the manuals like a devil in the bible, but cannot figure out
the exact process of getting in place an in-app purchase process of
alternative options for the user.  What is the exact and correct order of
statements to be put in place. The difficulty is in there are no ways of
doing testing these before shoveling your app into the library. True for
both iOS and Android.

So, want to have three options for the use to select, run this for x months,
y months or forever. All three have different pricing.

What is the exact sequence regarding the mobilePurchaseCreate,
mobilePurchaseSet and mobilepurchaseSendRequest commands and what are the
different purchased, property and value and especially where those need to
be issued (including setting the standalone app settings for iOS and

It indeed is a lawyer may read the manuals and come to different opinions
how to do this. A rewrite with a proven example is needed.

Any help from anyone?

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