Updating iOS app

Jim Lambert jiml at netrin.com
Wed Oct 2 13:10:27 EDT 2013

Monte wrote:

> If it's not on the app store (you have an enterprise program or are using a development profile) then yes you can do this fine. However, you would still need to handle new versions of the engine or externals so in the end it might be simpler to use a service like test flight to rapidly notify of updates and distribute your app. The advantage of having some form of auto-updater though is that hotfixes can be automatically integrated rather than requiring users to do anything. Another option might be to disable your app until users install the latest version although if you're updating as frequently as you mention that would get pretty annoying... You possibly want some combination of both.

Monte outlines the approach that has worked well for me. 

We distribute a 'stub' application through TestFlight. That stub fetches any updates. (See Colin's book for code to do that.)

As long as ad hoc distribution works for your situation, this approach allows you to rapidly iterate while requiring very little effort from the end users. 

Jim Lambert

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