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Ender Nafi Elekcioglu endernafi at
Tue Oct 1 16:46:32 EDT 2013

* page28-00008
* page28-00007
* page28-00006

~ Ender Nafi
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On October 1, 2013 at 9:48:16 AM, Alejandro Tejada (capellan2000 at wrote:

Hi Ender,  

Your file is a perfect example of the process! :D  
Many Thanks for sending it.  

> I'm sending you a simple one,  
> just to be sure that we're on the same page.  
> Is this what you had on your mind?  
> I mean, do I need to extract …  
> * stars,  
> * speech bubble,  
> * "the end" sign?  

Yes, that is the way.  
Separate the characters from the background,  
leaving each element in a layer of his own.  

> Simply, I need some parameters.  
> There are images which contains *waves*, *boats*, *rocks*, …  
> Should they all be separate layers?  

At first, just separate the main elements, like the  
characters, the speech bubble and the boat.  

You could think of the frame in these terms:  

How would look this background without the  
characters in it?  

Then, separate all elements that do not belong  
to the background.  

Most of the backgrounds are really plain and  
simple, but extracting the characters from them,  
is a very time consuming task. :o  

> As a second question;  
> are there any others besides me working on this images?  
> If so, we should find a method to synchronize our efforts.  
> A simple mail-chain could do it, I guess.  
> One can send an e-mail stating  
> "I'm starting with *page28-00008.jpg*" or "I'm done with  
> *page28-00008.jpg*";  
> so that anyone else won't duplicate same work.  
> What do you think?  

Yes, I like the idea of syncronizing our efforts.  
Still now, only two persons are working on this  
but, I hope that more became willing to participate  
if we post frecuent updates of the progress in the  
creation of this tutorial.  

I will start for the first two pages: 25 and 26  
you could keep working in 27 and 28.  

Please, post a link to this xfc file in the mail list and the forum.  

In this way, other will become interested in participating.  

It's 2:47 am here, so its time for me to go to sleep.  
Later, today, I will write to the mail list and the forum  
asking for more volunteers.  

Have a nice day!  


> Best,  
> ~ Ender Nafi  
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> On September 30, 2013 at 10:25:09 AM, Alejandro Tejada  
> (capellan2000 at wrote:  
> Hi Ender,  
> The files are attached to this message.  
> Have a nice week! :)  
> Al  

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