randomly position objects on-screen

Scott Rossi scott at tactilemedia.com
Fri May 31 14:50:00 EDT 2013

Hi Chris:

I believe this will do what you want.  In your message box:
go url 


Scott Rossi
Creative Director
Tactile Media, UX/UI Design

On 5/31/13 10:49 AM, "Chris Sheffield" <cmsheffield at icloud.com> wrote:

>Okay, I figure someone out there has probably done this before, so I
>thought I'd ask here before I dive in to the deep end (or go off the deep
>end, whichever comes first).
>Given a rectangular area (in this case a graphic object), I need to
>randomly position three controls (in this case Scott's tmControl buttons
>(groups)), within that area. It's not a huge area to work with, but the
>controls are not too big. The conditions are that the controls cannot
>intersect (overlap) and they have to be completely visible within the
>given area (not partially off-screen).
>Any takers?
>Chris Sheffield
>Read Naturally, Inc.
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