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Hi again.

I cavalierly just tried this with a couple of fields in the same stack, and after rereading, saw the substack thing as a possible complication, though had no idea why it should.

But still no problem. I copy text from a field in the substack, and click on one of several fields in the mainstack each with the openfield handler, and only that field is loaded with the clipBoardData.

Just as it ought to.

Are you sure there are no other handlers in play? And you really should use a card handler, using the target function. Just more compact and robust.

Craig Newman

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Subject: Substack to Main stack message path

Situation:   One mainstack with 6 unlocked fields and one substack with 6 
unlocked fields.

I copy text from one of the fields in the substack and verify that it is in 
clipboardData["text"] which it is.  I would like to then be able to click on an 
unlocked text field in the mainstack and have it immediately paste the text into 
that field.  I have an "openField" handler in each of the 6 unlocked fields of 
the mainstack.  My thinking was the "openField" handler for each field in the 
mainstack would be run since I clicked on that field but apparently the message 
path is not what I'm thinking it should be when going straight from a substack 
and clicking on an object in the mainstack. 

Whats happening:   If I were to click on field 3 in the mainstack with text in 
the clipboard from the substack, field 1 would be the field the text gets pasted 
into.  So it appears that the first object I click on after going from a 
substack to the mainstack is not getting the message. The pasting process works 
fine if I paste text from fields in the same stack. Still trying to figure out 
what messages are firing off when clicking on an object in the mainstack after 
leaving a substack.

Can somebody point me in the right direction and/or offer some advice?

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