RevLive 13 is wrapped up. Any location planned for RevLive 14?

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Sat May 18 14:06:31 EDT 2013

> Seattle?  Portland?  Vancouver, BC?

The great northwest is always a winner for me - Id be happy with any of the
above. Vancouver BC is awesome for shows (I went to SIGGRAPH there a few
years ago), but its not cheap for everyone.

Im going to a show in Sea-Tac in July and I can let the folks at Runtime
know what that's like. Of course Portland is great and you can see how true
Portlandia and Grimm are ;-) And we also have OSCON here.

That said...

San Jose was a great location before because its close to the big SV, the
press and the like. There are some open source cons that take place in that

We also did it before in Las Vegas, and Las Vegas I think is the best
location because:

1) you can fly there cheap from about any place in the US
2) hotel rooms are cheap
3) as we saw years ago when we were there for a RunRev Live, you don't HAVE
to go to a gambling place

And maybe even more so...

4) its possible to coordinate the event so that it takes place in
conjunction with a larger event, like CES or Interop or something like that.

Best regards,

Lynn Fredricks
Paradigma Software

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