postgres talking back on queries again

Dr. Hawkins dochawk at
Sat May 11 20:01:36 EDT 2013

I have an open database debtorDb of 11.  I have a text window with psql
running on the same database.  uniq_sfky is

psql likes my query:
dhbk_dbtrs=# INSERT INTO try1_____________001_sofa  VALUES(DEFAULT)
RETURNING uniq_sfky;
(1 row)


Livecode does not:

put "INSERT INTO " & dhtbl_sofa & "  VALUES(DEFAULT)  RETURNING uniq_sfky;"
& return into dcmd
put dcmd


INSERT INTO try1_____________001_sofa  VALUES(DEFAULT)  RETURNING uniq_sfky;

--the exact same query (well, I did cut & paste!)

Then using this in a couple of ways

         put revDataFromQuery(tab,vtab,debtordb,dcmd) into theRes
         put theRes
         revdberr,ERROR:  current transaction is aborted, commands ignored
until end of transaction block

Then also trying,
         put revdb_execute(debtorDb,dcmd, res1, res2, res3)into theRes
         put theRes

yields the same error message

Originally, I had these inside BEGIN/COMMIT, but couldn't make sense out of
the errors.

This seems to be valid postgres, and works in psql (which is a minimal
wrapper, I believe).

What is going on here?
Dr. Richard E. Hawkins, Esq.
(702) 508-8462

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