[Topic][Dumbfounded] Is there a way to resize and move a group without touching the inside objects

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On 11/05/2013, at 12:01 PM, Thomas McGrath III <mcgrath3 at mac.com> wrote:

> What you state here about the rounding is exactly what I have been seeing and your suggestion that one should always start from the stored original sizes and attributes when cumulative resizes or back to back resizes are needed is the only solution so far that I believe will work for this.

There is a simpler solution than storing the original sizes if I'm right in assuming that you only require this scaling to be done to handle pixel density (retina etc). The simple solution is to only scale on the device andalways work in standard res. That way you aren't scaling your stack up and down during development. If the scaling is being done right there's no need. That's the way I've gone with mApp... KISS. Every solution that I've ever seen that stores the original sizes usually ends causing headaches when you change any layout. Anyway... back to work on my presentation... I added a feature and now I need to redo half the slides...


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