[ANN] Book. Programming LiveCode for the Real Beginner

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at economy-x-talk.com
Sat May 4 13:10:42 EDT 2013


Thank you, everyone, for the nice on- and off-list wishes. I feel really 
supported and am happy with the great, welcoming response.

I sent the book to the printing company three days ago and am now 
waiting for delivery. We expect to have the books in the office between 
10 and 14 May. We'll start shipping the books as soon as they arrive. I 
will also try to ship books to the conference in Scotland, but it is 
going to be extremely tight.

Now that the book is ready, I can tell you a little about the last 
changes I made. I removed the table of MySQL  field types in the 
appendix, because  that isn't really the subject of the book. Instead, I 
added a much longer table with all specialfolderpath codes available on 
Mac OS X and Mac OS 9 (Classic). A table for Windows was included 
already. I thought these tables would be more useful. I might post the 
MySQL table on the website of the book later. The website hasn't been 
set up yet, but will include a place to discuss the book with other 
readers and I might give an explanation occasionally.

There have been many questions about an ebook edition. There are no 
plans to publish an ebook. We decided that DRM systems are insufficient. 
We don't want people to get the book for free, because that would mean 
there won't be a second edition, not to mention a completely new book. 
Please, don't ask for an ebook anymore. For the same reason, the book 
won't be released under a free license.

If you would like to make suggestions (perhaps for a second edition), 
please be specific. For example, if you propose a screenshot, tell me on 
which page, accompanying which lines, why you think it is a good idea, 
what it would explain, and what you would delete to make space for the 
screenshot. I'm getting too many well-meant but useless suggestions.

I can now also announce the ISBN of the book: 978-90-820741-0-9. With 
this number, anyone is able to order the book at a book shop, but it is 
much quicker and possibly cheaper to order it directly from 
Economy-x-Talk's website. More trivia: the final version of the book has 
248 pages, three prefaces, a table of contents of 6 pages and an 
alphabetical index of 9 pages. There are 17 pictures and 15 tables, some 
tiny and some big. I really had to squeeze in all the info, because the 
book wasn't supposed to count more than 240 pages (you get 8 pages for 

Sales are going very well. The printing costs have been earned back 
already, but a few other things like envelopes and stamps and the ink I 
used to print my drafts still have to be paid for. Therefore, if you 
know someone who considers taking up programming either as a 
professional or for a hobby, tell him or her about my book. We'll need 
to sell quite a few more copies to make it worth the effort. Obviously, 
I'm never going to be compensated for my time, but that wasn't the point 

I'll let you know when I have more news.

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille

Economy-x-Talk Consulting and Software Engineering
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On 4/26/2013 23:14, william humphrey wrote:
> I just bought the print version. Maybe when an eBook is released it will be
> included or discounted.

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