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Is it a Mac thing? This happens on my home machine as well, and I mentioned it a year or two ago.

I assume that the dictionary is tied to the LC version that calls it. So then why would opening an earlier version (4), quitting, and then opening a later one (5), cause the user notes to appear in v.5? I guess I am asking where does the dictionary really reside? I see a dictionary folder in my older Revolution 3.5 and 4.5 folders.  Does the v.5 bundle contain one as well?

By the way, opening version 3.5, quitting, and then opening 5.4.4 also loads the user notes.


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Thursday, May 2, 2013, 8:04:38 PM, you wrote:

> "Sort" and "sort container" as examples. And dang it. I wrote those.

They both show up fine here. Linux mint 14, LC 5.5.4

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