revIgniter - how to instal

Ralf Bitter rabit at
Thu Jan 31 14:15:04 EST 2013

Hi Paolo,

it seems that you are using MacOS server. If this is the case
I am sorry. There is a bug (9869) in LiveCode Server confirmed by RunRev.
LiveCode server versions 4.6.3 up to 5.0.2 have two incorrect path environment
variables on Lion and Mountain Lion. These variables are:


As revIgniter is heavily dependent on path variables this means that
there is no way to run revIgniter using the said OS / server versions.

I reported this bug in November 2011. In September 27, 2012 I got the
following response from the RunRev QCC:

"your bug report has been addressed and the issue you raised is fixed.
We fixed this bug in release: 5.5.3-rc-1."

Unfortunately the fixed version is still waiting to be released.


On 31.01.2013, at 15:16, paolo mazza <mazzapaoloitaly at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I just installed revIgniter Version 1.5.19b .
> I installed revIgniter on the root of our web server, I set up the
> file accordingly,  and I was able to open the file
> Following documentation, I created a file ...
> http://myserver.local/system/application/controllers/
> but when I tried to open the URL
> http://myserver.local/
> I got this answer:
> file "/Library/WebServer/Documents/"
>  row 123, col 1: include: could not find file
> (/Library/WebServer/Documents/
> Any idea what is wrong with my installation? All the best.
> Paolo

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