Catastrophic Hard Drive Failure, Economic Hardships and Dual Survival

Ralph DiMola rdimola at
Thu Jan 24 19:47:45 EST 2013


It Hurts I know. I was in Japan in the 1980's using Vax VMS and had a team
working on a global stock product for Citicorp using their global network of
the day. It was 11:00pm and everyone had left and I was backing up the what
was to be the production SW the next day. I grabbed the wrong tape and the
HD crashed in the middle of the backup. The other tapes were too old. I had
the "pit-in-your-gut" thing and smoked about five cigarettes in a row.
Smoking in the office, how quaint but I digress. I spent the night dumping
all the readable sectors to text files and putting the fragments together by
hand. I salvaged about 80% of the code. But this caused the programmer to
rewrite about 50% of the code in an all night session the next day. Well it
came out better, only one day late and some lost pride. I get chills just
thinking about.

Thinking of you big guy!

Hope you can come to Edinburgh. The first pint is on me.

Ralph DiMola
IT Director
Evergreen Information Services
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