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Subject: Moving focus between fields

I want the tab key to move the cursor between the fields of a group.

I want to restrict this action to that group. Furthermore, when the focus is on 
the last field in the group, I want the tab key to return the focus to the first 
field of the group.

At first, with the focus on the last field, the tab key focused on a field in a 
hidden group. Hitting the tab key multiple times eventually returns the focus to 
the first field in the desired group.

However, if I turn the focusable of all hidden fields off and try again, the tab 
key in the last field does not return the focus to the first field. And 
repeatedly hitting the tab key never brings the focus back to the first field in 
the group.

What am I missing here?

By the way - I usually solve most problems by studying the relevant entries in 
the the dictionary. But the dictionary doesn't work anymore, that is the 
dictionary appears with no content/entries? How can I get my dictionary back?



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