Catastrophic Hard Drive Failure, Economic Hardships and Dual Survival

Monte Goulding monte at
Thu Jan 24 17:41:20 EST 2013

On 25/01/2013, at 9:07 AM, Mark Talluto wrote:
> I am really sorry to hear this.  At this moment, it might be hard to believe that as these doors are closing some really great doors will be opening in their place.  I am really happy to hear that your data is backed up.  That is a nice silver lining in this storm.  
> If you view the next two weeks as a time to reflect on how best to generate new connections for income then so be it.  Should you need to borrow a computer to hold you over, let me know and I will ship one to you immediately (LC pre-installed).

Wow... gotta love this list. Really looking forward to meeting some of you wonderful people in Edinburgh after being on this list for over 1/3 of my life.

Thomas, you've been a supporter of mergExt from very early on. I'm going to add a year of access to your acccount just to make you smile today.


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