Catastrophic Hard Drive Failure, Economic Hardships and Dual Survival

Thomas McGrath III mcgrath3 at
Thu Jan 24 14:46:01 EST 2013

Well, To report, it has been a very exciting month or so for me in case anyone was wondering where I've gone off to. 

First I lost my main hard drive due to a kind of grinding sound coming from inside of my computer. Shut it down immediately, after diagnosing it the problem is the main HD is Foobar. Extended warranty plan just expired in November. 

I should be backed up in three places... But won't know absolutely until new computer arrives. I should be fine...

Then "due to economic conditions" I lost my biggest long term client of 18 years. Major loss of income for sure.

Lastly, the new computer I ordered just got pushed back for another week or two. 

I feel like the floor opened up under me and I'm just hanging onto a slim edge... I'm literally going nuts very slowly.

-- On another note! It is virtually impossible to get any 'real' work done on a mobile tablet. I've been trying to work with three iPads and my iPhone. Even simple tasks like reading 300+ emails or paying bills online is a major pain in the *ss! I'm not even talking about actual programming. Just doing mock ups and billing and trying just to keep my business afloat. 

Netflix is awesome. And web browsing isn't too bad but anything that involves multi tasking or programming is just way too difficult. 

So, I'm still alive but i think I'm going a bit crazy. I just decided to take up learning how to play the Harmonica and watching all 600 Dave Cantebury YouTube videos (From Dual Survival). I think I'd know better how to survive in a wilderness environment better than in the current economic environment. Just saying!

Yours truly 

Tom McGrath

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