Challenging new property inspector in LC6 dp4

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Jan 24 13:46:24 EST 2013

J. Landman Gay wrote:
> In any case, it would be appropriate not to quote the whole message in
> each response.

Good point.

I wrote him off-list when it first showed up to remind him which list 
he'd sent it to.  I haven't heard back, but I'm sure it was just a 
simple mistake, intending to send to the dev list but accidentally using 
this one instead.

There wasn't much earth-shattering in it so I don't imagine RunRev will 
go all Apple on him with a SWAT team.  It wasn't like he revealed 
Kevin's secret plan to get the world addicted to LiveCode in preparation 
for invasion by space aliens - oops!  Now that cat's out of the bag!

The biggest loss is that the message wasn't posted to the dev list where 
it might have been useful.  Hopefully he'll repost it there.

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