Controls in a stack

Peter Haworth pete at
Tue Jan 22 15:02:12 EST 2013

Thanks Phil.

As mentioned, I haven't really played with backgrounds very much so this
may be a stupid question but why would you want to have a background that
doesn't appear on any card?  I can see that might happen inadvertently when
backgrounds get deleted but is there a practical use for unplaced


On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 11:02 AM, Phil Davis <revdev at> wrote:

> Nope. But you can detect them like so:
>     repeat with x = 1 to (the number of backgrounds in this stack)
>         if the number of cards in bg x of this stack = 0 then -- it isn't
> placed
>             place bg x of this stack onto this cd
>             getControlInfoFromHiddenBg x
>             remove bg x of this stack from this cd
>         end if
>     end repeat

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