FT: Daylight, FieldTrip Beta 1

Curry Kenworthy curry at pair.com
Wed Jan 16 02:55:56 EST 2013

No, it can't be...

...yes, it is!

Finally FieldTrip sees the light of day. I was doing final testing 
during holidays in December and suddenly came down with flu and then 
pneumonia. (Murphy extreme.) After returning from zombieland, I was back 
in the fight and back to that final testing. Had to make some further 
adjustments and more testing, repeating that a few times, and here we are!

So I'm extremely glad to announce that FT beta 1 is ready for download. 
It's available for everyone to try in the IDE, but for standalones and 
for any type of running on Mobile, the Preorder Folks have exclusive 
access now for a period of time, as one of the bonuses they get for 
supporting the project. New registrations are temporarily offline for 
that reason and will resume with the next version.

There is a user guide in the download which explains most of what you 
need to know, although it's still on the thin side, and the TryFT stack 
will also be very useful. Code is in the card script, and in the toolbar 
buttons and the field group's script. I've deliberately set it up to be 
easy to tweak, and hopefully the library code plays nicely with tweaks; 
let me know if you find otherwise.

I played with Android more than iOS for this first beta (true Android 
parity for FieldTrip, usually dev will start on that side) so it's the 
platform initially selected in the standalone settings. Just select iOS 
there if you need to, and then you'll be able to iTest. The demo stack 
is also sized right for low-end Android tablets on up to iPads. It's not 
currently sized for phones, but that is easily doable; FT has a command 
for reflowing the toolbar layout and choosing which buttons are 
included. (I think you'll like that toolbar layout feature, it's pretty 
high-powered even in this first release, so let me know what you think.)

For next version, I'll make friends with an iPad mini and spend some 
time on iOS Retina, among other things. The tab bar will also be a big 
priority. There's a list of to-do priorities in the user guide.

Be sure to unzip the download before running the contents.

The download is here:


Next up: I need to prioritize client work for a few days, then WordLib 
2.0 and SpreadLib 1.0 will be showing up fairly soon and WordOut and 
SpreadOut will follow. (Yes, and SpreadReport too if all goes well!) 
Then back to the next FT version, so it will definitely be several weeks 
at least, unless for a minor bug fix update.

I will also be releasing a beta very soon of the other big project I 
mentioned recently, which is related to improving Mobile development. 
(Hint: the days of the edit-run cycle are numbered. Let it be Live....)

I hope you are all having a great January and a very lucky start to the 
year 13.

I'm still shaking off the last tenacious grips of the little microscopic 
green guys, so don't be surprised if it takes me a little longer than 
usual to respond to mail. I hope you enjoy the beta and will be looking 
forward to your feedback and the next version!

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy
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