opening txt files

Tue Jan 15 13:34:09 EST 2013

Hi All

I have a problem when I open .txt files in OSX, and I don't have much (any!) experience of reading files in LiveCode. 

I have a file originally written in Word on Windows. When I export it as a .txt from Word for Mac I just accept the default Mac OS encoding option (Western (Mac OS Roman) and it all works fine when I open the file in my LiveCode.

But when I open the original file in Pages and export it as Plain Text, I get a different result. When I open that file in LiveCode I find a space has been inserted after every character. So Hello world becomes H e l l o   w o r l d. 

I guess this is a problem with the encoding, but how can my LiveCode understand what the incoming file's encoding is and respond accordingly? My LiveCode needs to be able to deal with any kind of text file...

Nishok Love

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