advice for textfont needed

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Tue Jan 15 12:10:27 EST 2013


I moved on Windows from LC 4.6.4 to 5.5.3 and experienced some surprises
with changed textfonts in some, but not all fields.

In my 4.6.4 files I had some fields set explicit with Tahoma textfont,
others had no explicit textfont set, but inherited Tahoma as default. As I
started that project with 2.7 Tahoma seemed to be the default font and it
was pretty good compatible with Win and Mac.

Now opening these stacks in 5.5.3 it seems that all fields which haven't set
a font explicit, got by default "Lucida, 11pt, bold" in the fields
properties. I have read some notices that some field formatting have changed
in 5.5.3, but I didn't find an answer to my issues

1.       I don't know from where these fields inherited this font, because
stack and card don't have a font definition either. Ok, probably it wasn't a
good idea not to set a font. Is it something new coming as default from the

2.       Is that wanted and standard that every field must have a textfont
assigned and may not left empty or is that a bug?

3.       Why is Lucida choosen and not Tahoma anymore, as it seemed to be
the default in the past? Is it a change by runrev or a bug?

4.       If you don't set a font or size on field level, from where do they
inherit these informations, if you also didn't set them on card or stack

5.       Is there any advice which font you should use as default for most
win-mac compatibility?

6.       Is there any reason not using Tahoma anymore for Win and Mac?


I am a little puzzled

Thank you for your advices or pointers to the relase notes or wherever.




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