Backgroundcolor of a line in a scrolling list

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Mon Jan 7 20:05:47 EST 2013


How far are you prepared to kludge this?

Set the margin for the field to 0
Under Basic Properties unclick 'fixedLineHeight' and set the
'firstIndent' to 4 (or something you like).

Now the part that gets ugly:

For the content of your field insert in the line before your content a
` character - the character to the left of 1 on a qwerty keyboard. And
add and extra line at the end of your content that is just a period -

You now need to set the text size of the first and last line to 4 or
thereabouts. Unfortunately highlighting the character in question and
selecting Size -> Other... from the Text Menu on my OS X 10.8.2
running LC 5.5.3 doesn't do anything, so I select 8 point size
instead. Then in the Message box I:

put the htmlText of fld "Kludge" into tStore
replace "8" with "6" in tStore
set the htmlText of fld "Kludge" to tStore

On my set up, setting the background color of a line misses one pixel
on the left, but goes all the way to the right. I can not see or
select the first and last lines. It is very close to resembling a
highlighted line.

All you'll need to worry about is keeping track of what is real
content and what is dummy padding.


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