iOS standalone - what to do about code signing failures?

Dave Kilroy2 dave at
Mon Jan 7 18:25:28 EST 2013

Can anyone on this list think of why Xcode might think there is an extra
development certificate on my machine even though there isn't one?

I've made sure I don't have any such extra certificate in KeyChain
(including public and private keys) and in XCode's preferences folder in the
Library - can anyone on this list where else such a certificate might be
hiding on my macbook pro?

Can anyone on this list think of a way of stopping the Provisioning Portal
from continuing to show this extra development certificate each time I hit
'refresh' in Xcode?

I've tried building a 'Hello World' app directly in XCode and that also
won't sign code - so this is not just a LiveCode issue.

Back in late November after a couple of days figuring out what the problem
was, I encountered Apple's Technical Note tn2250 which appeared to indicate
that what I was experiencing could only be fixed by Apple and that I could
contact their WorldWide Developer Center. Since then I've heard a lot of hot
air from their (very polite) operatives but no fix.

I'm running Lion on a macbook pro with Xcode 4.5.2 and Livecode 5.5.3 - and
if anyone could shed some light on how I can move forward that would be
really, really, REALLY appreciated!

Kind regards - Dave

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