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Pierre Sahores sc at
Sun Jan 6 19:42:37 EST 2013

Le 6 janv. 2013 à 22:51, Stefano La Greca a écrit :

> Hi
> extraordinary your stack….
> Just a little thing: text (and some images) in hiRes display is out of resolution.
> How can I do?
> Very thanks indeed.
> Stefano La Greca

Hi Stefano,

Text (displayed in fields) should't get wrong as long as the lib scales the fields automatically. About images, the LC build-in routines can't always rescale them with perfect results. To avoid unwanted border effects, some testing with different resolutions of the source image is mostly the best way to go. An image witch is OK in hiRes will not necessary be perfect in simpleRes (cropping effects, distortions). About buttons, a mix of graphic effects + bg images + blending gives generally trustable results.

Thanks for the kind words,


Pierre Sahores
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