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Jan Schenkel janschenkel at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 1 11:34:56 EST 2013

Hi all,

Working on permissions and password protection for Quartam PDF Library, and I have a need for RC4 encryption at 40 bits.
Actually, I do have a working plain LiveCode implementation by now, but the 'encrypt' command can do it too and is much faster.

Here's the rub: I read in the release notes for the mobile versions that "industrial strength encryption" is not supported.
So here's a few questions for the iOS/Android developers on the list:
- does a script with 'the cipherNames' or 'encrypt' in it still work, or does it fail to compile? 
- does 'the cipherNames' return empty or does it generate an error?
- does the 'encrypt' command return an error in 'the result' or does it generate an error?

An example of a simple test script:
on mouseUp
  put "plain text" into tData
  put "dakey" into tKey -- 40 bits = 5 bytes
  if "rc4-40,40" is among the lines of the cipherNames then
    encrypt tData using "rc4-40" with key tKey
    if the result is not empty then
      answer error the result
      answer information "RC4-40 returned:" && it
    end if
    answer information "RC4-40 not available"
  end if
end mouseUp

Thanks in advance for the feedback!

Jan Schenkel.
Quartam Reports & PDF Library for LiveCode

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