Flow/wrap text into an irregular shape

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This is doable. There are functions, like "the selectedLoc" that will work for you. If you have a field with this in its script:

on keyDown

  put the selectedLoc

  pass keyDown
end keyDown

You can see the loc of the insertion point within whatever you are typing. You can determine the X value of the triangle as it crosses each line of text, and if less than or greater than those values, you can, perhaps, pad the field text with spaces until you are on the correct side of the graphic. Much more management will be required, especially with long words that might start outside the grc boundary but cross it before that word is finished, but, hey, you asked for it.


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 Imagine a multi-line text field which overlays a triangle polygon, which
is wide at the top, and comes to a point at the bottom.  I want the text to
detect the edges of the triangle and wrap at those edges.  The result would
be a triangle shaped body of text (centered).  My question to you is "How
can this be achieved?"

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