livecode on xubuntu 13.10

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Thu Dec 26 09:31:41 EST 2013

On 26/12/13 15:49, Peter Alcibiades wrote:
> Well...   why Ubuntu?  An inconvenient question?



Why not Debian Stable with 32 bit libraries?  64 bit Seems to work
perfectly.   If you want XFCE just install it.  That is a sensible choice
given the total mess that Gnome has become.  XFCE is fast and simple.  I
have replaced xfwm with metacity for one installation.  Its pretty close to
Gnome 2.  Or there would also be cinnamon or mate as an alternative.

Or, if you want to get really purist, Slackware with xfce.  If it doesn't
run on Slackware you know its the package.  If it doesn't run on Ubuntu, all
you really know is that you have a problem.  Which may or may not go away or
be replaced by a different one in six months time.

The popularity of Ubuntu is quite baffling, but what is even more baffling
is the fact that so many people see it as the only option.


The popularity of Ubuntu is no more baffling than the popularity of Windows.

The vast majority of people do not realise that a PC can do anything at 
all without Windows;
those who have managed to break the mould far enough to embrace Ubuntu 
be congratulated for escaping the Windows-only tyranny, not damned for 
thinking that
Ubuntu is the sum-total of Linux.

Both are rather substandard when compared with other operating systems if
you are somebody who is trying to do something other than:

Use an Office Suite

surf the internet

send e-mails

use internet telephony apps

play games

Oddly enough (!!!!) the vast majority of desktop users do 
jolly-nicely-thank-you with Windows,
and the vast majority of desktop Linux users do JNTY with Ubuntu.

I, for one, use Ubuntu at my school for very banal reasons:

1. Not Windows which costs money and catches viruses.

2. Ubuntu is moronically easy to install and works 100% with the stuff I 
need for my school.

This endless 'noise' that is anti-Windows (speaking as someone who was 
extremely anti-Windows for years)
and, now, anti-Ubuntu begins to get like the vile, high-pitched shrieks 
coming from Richard Stallman, who, having made his point extremely well 
cannot let things be but must carry them to a ridiculous reductio
that only serves to turn many people against him.

Here are the facts, however much it may make Linux "purists" get their 
netherware in a twist:

Windows rules the waves (for now),

Macintosh computers are used by posers and people who have academic 
grants paying for their computers.

Ubuntu rules the Linux desktop wavelets.

I don't like Windows, Peter doesn't like Ubuntu, I don't like the fact 
that Elton John is gay: but, Hey, let's deal with it, because while de 
facto may not be the way we would have it, that's the way things are.

I market products for Windows, and I listen to Elton John's (early) 
music: and, guess what, I'm still breathing :)


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