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Hi Vaughn,

Not wishing to butt in, I've just sent this reply in case Klaus is away from his computer for a while, he'll probably have some better insights, but this should get you going.

The simplest lesson is:

Scroll down to the Custom Properties section near the bottom of the lesson.

Another lesson here:
A little more advanced:

Custom Properties are extremely useful at times, you can think of them as a container, a bit like a global variable because they can be accessed from anywhere in your app, but they are also more versatile as you can store data that doesn't disappear between launches in saved stacks, or you can store data as you build you app in the IDE that is accessible in your final standalone. Custom properties work extremely well alongside behaviour scripts too.

There are a few simple rules to remember with custom properties, you can't simply put a value into a custom prop, you have to "set" the custom property in one go. e.g.:

put "10" into the cNumber of this stack --< doesn't work
set the cNumber of this stack to "10" --< does work

You can't modify part of a custom prop, you need to read out the whole value, modify it and then replace it. e.g.:

set line 2 of the cNumber of this stack to "20" --< doesn't work

get the cNumber of this stack       --/ Read the Custom Prop
put "20" into line 2 of it          --| Modify the values
set the cNumber of this stack to it --\ Then replace the values - does work

Most LC programmers use a "c" (for custom) or "u" (for user) prefix to denote a custom property, but like most of LC you are free to work your own way.

Once the penny drops you will find Custom Properties very useful, but just ask about anything you are unsure of.

Have fun.


On 2013-12-24, at 9:48 AM, Vaughn Clement <vclement at> wrote:

> Hi Klaus
> Being new to LC I have not created a custom property yet. I reviewed the
> properties in the dictionary but I was overwhelmed by the number of choices
> of which none seem to fit? Can you point me in the right direction (lesson
> or reference) where this might be used?
> Thank you
> Vaughn Clement
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> On Tue, Dec 24, 2013 at 10:07 AM, Klaus major-k <klaus at> wrote:
>> Hi Vaughn,
>> Am 24.12.2013 um 18:03 schrieb Vaughn Clement <vclement at>:
>>> Hi Klaus
>>> I will try that next. I was really lost as a new user trying to find a
>> way
>>> to store the images.
>> Okie Dokie :-)
>> to store use this syntax:
>> ...
>> set the cStoredCardImage of this cd to the text of last img
>> delete last img
>> ...
>>> Thank you
>> My pleasure!
>> Happy holidays! :-)
>>> Vaughn Clement
>> Best
>> Klaus
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