MacToISO is still confusing me

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Mon Dec 23 12:49:21 EST 2013

On 12/22/13 2:38 PM, Graham Samuel wrote:

> - I now see how powerful the idea of htmlText is in extracting styled
> text from a field in LC (it really does the whole job for you, so I
> don't have to go through my old text by hand turning it into HTML, as
> I had thought), but I am still uncertain how to display that field in
> its full glory (i.e. including characters that aren't 'naturally'
> available in PC fonts) without using a browser.

It's pretty easy to display html in a field. Once you create the string 
with the html entities (i.e., you've replaced the pi symbol with "π") 
you just do this:

  set the htmltext of fld x to tHTMLString

Somehow the engine seems to find everything on either OS.

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