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Hi Graham,

Am 19.12.2013 um 16:00 schrieb Graham Samuel <livfoss at>:

> Just in case it may be helpful to others, here's a summary of stuff I found out when trying to play MP3 files within a LiveCode standalone on a Mac. Some is documented in the LC docs (like point 3) and some isn't. If anyone feels like correcting or extending it, feel free.
> ...
> 7. Others set the playRate of the player to 1, which not only sets the player's speed but also starts it playing! Again, for me this didn't seem to make a difference over simply starting the player

no, there is no difference!

But i remember that Trevor De Vore posted his observations on this list some time ago.
He found out that "start player xyz" does not always work correctly after you set the filename
of a player to a (internet) URL, but that "set the playrate of player xyz to 1" DOES in fact work 
in these situations :-)

> Doubtless there are zillions of other things I should have learned, but that's all I can report so far.
> Graham



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