Still stuck on playing a sound with a player

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Thu Dec 19 07:52:54 EST 2013

Ha! RunRev (Elanor) has just told me that

> a player on an unopened card will not play. Perhaps the card is open in the IDE but 
> never gone to in the standalone?

Yes, well, that is true. I had changed the filename property of two players in the first card of my sound stack without formally opening the stack, so I thought it was ready to be used. Not so. When I made sure that the sound stack was open (just by going to it invisibly when the app opens) then the whole thing worked exactly as it had done in the IDE. You live and learn. Can't say I like LC's silent failure though.

Thanks for everyone who helped me.

Fingers crossed, I can now move on to the project itself (this was just a series of experiments really, before embarking on something on  a much larger scale).


I previously wrote:

> I have now been able to prove that the file paths exist in the standalone, and that the actual players can play the sounds, if I expose their little stack with the controllers on it and simply click on one of the controllers. So all that I am unable to do is to
> start player "myPlayer" of cd 1 of stack "sounds"
> from within another stack.
> When I execute this, there is nothing in the result, but it's as if that line of code hadn't been executed. In fact this really seems to be the case, because the player doesn't even receive a 'playstarted' message. Both 'playStarted' and 'playStopped' are received when the thing is run from the IDE without script changes.

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