Still stuck on playing a sound with a player

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Dec 18 13:43:33 EST 2013

On 12/18/13 12:27 PM, Graham Samuel wrote:
> Finally I don't understand what setting the currentTime does in your
> script. When I play the sound in the IDE without setting the
> currentTime, it always plays, but not (so far) in the standalone. I
> have no idea why.

The currentTime sets the start position of the playback. Zero is the 
beginning. When you load a new filename into a player, the postion is 
set to zero by default, so adding that line is theoretically unnecessary 
but doesn't hurt.

The file paths in a standalone are not necessarily the same as the 
filepaths in the IDE, which could cause the problem. What is the 
filepath you've assigned to the player? You may need to calculate a path 
in your script so that it works in both the IDE and the standalone.

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