Still stuck on playing a sound with a player

Jim Lambert jiml at
Tue Dec 17 12:50:46 EST 2013

Graham wrote:
> still, I know it's going to be my fault in the end
Nah, I find bad code is usually my fault! ;)


When I face issues like this, I make an entirely new and separate stack with only the components involved and with minimal scripts.
This allows one to isolate the issue from the rest of your project.
When you get the thing working in that test stack, just transfer the lessons learned to your project.
Usually that solves the issue for me.
If it breaks again once inside the main project, then you know there is some conflict there, which narrows the issue down a bit.

Try making the MP3s in a different program than Frisson.

I know you’re not setting the player filename by script, so this tip won’t help, but I have found that sometimes it helps to set the filename of a player to empty; wait 1 tick; then set the filename to the desired file.

Jim Lambert

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