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Monday, December 16, 2013, 9:44:35 PM, you wrote:

> Right but the bug report and pull request was about the stack
> properties which is what I commented on. All I was saying is it
> doesn't really matter if we include acceleratedRendering (if RunRev
> want to) as long as any other properties that aren't saved with a
> stack are also included so we can follow rules about what's in and
> what isn't... no synonyms, no read only props, no duplication (text,
> htmlText, styledText) etc. At least then we know what to expect and
> what not to expect. Hopefully the refactored engine might have
> better ways to inspect the properties of an object. I suspect the
> modularity that will be required for pluggable widgets etc will need
> it at an engine level anyway. At the moment the properties property
> is just a list for each object. It doesn't even take advantage of
> the class hierarchy so common properties are defined only in one
> list...

Quite right. The pull request was about a stack property that showed
up in the propertynames but not in the properties of a stack. I see
that the dictionary entry for properties has now been updated to
reflect the fact that it's only the properties necessary to recreate
the object. I do understand the logic behind that, but I think it does
a disservice to the properties property in that there is now no way to
retrieve the full set of properties. Possibly an adjectival modifier
to "the properties" would be in order. And I think also that the way
the property lists are retrieved from the engine needs rethinking -
it's not very maintainable in its current form.

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