Zero byte music files

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon Dec 16 00:58:11 EST 2013

Just to clear LiveCode's reputation, this was my fault. Lurking in the 
back corner of an obsolete and unused part of a script was a wayward 
command to copy an audio file. I'd commented out all the other related 
commands but I overlooked that one. So I did it to myself.

I so wanted to blame someone else.

On 12/14/13 2:09 PM, Howard Bornstein wrote:
> I would guess it's LC. This seems very similar to the Open File command:
> Use the *open file* command <glossary/c/99.xml> to create a
> file<dictionary/keyword/1452.xml>or prepare an existing
> file <dictionary/keyword/1452.xml> for use by the read from
> file<dictionary/command/779.xml>or write
> to file <dictionary/command/948.xml> commands <glossary/c/99.xml>.
> *Parameters:*
> filePath - Specifies the name and location of the file you want to open or
> create. If you specify a name but not a location, LiveCode assumes the file
> is in the defaultFolder. *If the file you specify doesn't exist, LiveCode
> creates it.*
> On Fri, Dec 13, 2013 at 12:57 PM, J. Landman Gay
> <jacque at>wrote:
>> If I try to load a player with a path to a file that doesn't exist on
>> disk, either the OS or LiveCode creates a zero-byte dummy file at the file
>> location.
>> Does anyone know what causes that? Is it LC or the OS? This is on Mac.
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