Eureka... and this how you play a movie inside a stack on linux

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Dec 15 13:55:27 EST 2013

Alejandro wrote:

> I just noticed that Windowshape does not works at all
> in my Lubuntu setup. There is no transparency effect.

The "L" in Lubuntu stands for "Light", as in "Light on system resource requirements".

Lubuntu is maintained to provide some of the benefits of Ubuntu, but on older or less powerful systems than Ubuntu requires. Since Ubuntu runs well on a surprisingly wide range of hardware, we're talking very old or very less powerful. :)

One of the differences is in compositing:  AFAIK Lubuntu doesn't include a screen rendering compositor capable of handling alpha channels.

If your machine can run Ubuntu you should see good results there, since the Compiz compositor handles alpha channels well.

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