WYSIWYG is Wonky!

Marty Knapp martyknappster at gmail.com
Sat Dec 14 22:30:06 EST 2013

Thanks Richard,
That fixed some text fields and totally wacky out others. I have one 
field that's about 4 inches wide and when printed with formatForPrinting 
set to true it "grows" by about half an inch in width and shifts to the 
left by about the same. The point size looks like it grows by about a 
point and half. You can actual see the text fields change size and 
location at the moment it prints.

I see a number of posts from a few years ago reporting strange behavior 
with formatForPrinting. Apparently that's still the case? This is a 
major bummer for me (and deal breaker) I usually develop for just Mac 
but I thought on this project I'd do Mac and Windows. But I need a high 
degree of accuracy with the printed layout.

For the sake of discussion, I'm setting the formatForPrinting to true 
right before printing and then to false afterward. Some of the old posts 
talk about saving and closing the stack them reopen to print. I could 
put up with that, but it's a pretty wacky workflow for my customers.

Somebody please tell me there's a solution for this!

> Try setting the stack's formatForPrinting property to true.

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