Eureka... and this how you play a movie inside a stack on linux

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Sat Dec 14 18:03:11 EST 2013

Warren Samples wrote
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> Embedding mplayer this way runs into compositing issues where the video 
> displays in some kind of semi-transparent masking mode in many systems 
> with desktop effects enabled.

Ah. This could be a real problem. A floating windows with the player seems
the most reliable way to show a movie from LiveCode.

Warren Samples wrote
> Also, be aware that shell() is blocking. 
> There are ways to get around that, but it is an important thing to keep 
> in mind! I am pleased to say that '-wid' is now working here on my 
> system whereas previously it had not.

Maybe this working functionality is an effect of the new graphics
library used in LiveCode.

Now, it´s necessary to completely test this movie window:

1-Could we use a windowshape in this window?
2-Does it works in MS Windows and MacOSX?
3-Could we use a portable version of mPlayer
instead of a installed version?

Warren Samples wrote
> As far as controlling mplayer with LiveCode goes, you can open mplayer 
> in slave mode and control it using sockets as you posted here yesterday 
> or writing commands to a FIFO. I posted a link in your other thread 
> yesterday. This is a very common way to write GUI frontends for mplayer.

This is very helpful. Many thanks. Hopefully, one of the real
experts in sockets (and troubleshooting them) could help
posting a functional example that we could follow and extend.

By the way, VLC have (or used to have) a function similar to -wid
of mPlayer.

Embedded window video
      --drawable-hwnd=<integer [-2147483648 .. 2147483647]>
                                 Window handle (HWND)
          Video will be embedded in this pre-existing window. If zero, a new
          window will be created.

The Window handle is the same windowid returned by LiveCode...
Correct? Which VLC version was compiled with this function enabled?

VLC forums would be the ideal place to ask this, but I noticed that 
many answers in VLC forums receive an answer of the type: "RTFM"



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