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On 15/12/2013, at 7:39 AM, Fraser Gordon <fraser.gordon at runrev.com> wrote:

> I've not heard any mention of it but I'll take a look. I'd not heard of
> Scratch before but from a little investigation it reminds me very much
> of the Lego Mindstorms programming language. The file format looks easy
> enough to deal with but maybe more suited to implementing Scratch in
> LiveCode than importing it - even with something like LiveCode, any
> generated code probably wouldn't be very easy to read.

Hmm... I was thinking if the imported code were well commented an easy to follow it ease the transition from Scratch to LC.
> Python externals sounds interesting (though I've not much used the
> language myself); ideally, a bridge would reflect the dynamic nature of
> both languages - instead of binding at engine compilation time, run-time
> loadable Python externals might be possible. That would be a fun experiment!

I haven't used it either but seeing its popularity as a teaching language when I noticed elmer which I think will slot into the lcidl toolchain nicely I thought it would be a good piece of the puzzle in getting people to notice LC.
> Now look what you've done and done - you shouldn't go giving me ideas or
> I might actually be silly enough to try them! Problem with that is that
> new and exciting ideas tend to result in half-finished existing projects
> so be careful what you wish for... what originally got me into
> programming was deciding to simultaneously learn C/C++ and write an
> operating system kernel and it's still not finished ;)

I'm positive we can come up with enough ideas for you so you will never finish that kernel. I remember Andre asking you to note down HTML5 export so how's that going? ;-) 


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