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> Let's be rude, crude and direct:

and wrong :)

> Old Church Slavonic may have originated in 2 ways:
> 1. Derived from Bishop Ulfilas's Gothic alphabet.
> 2. Cooked up by a disciple of Cyril and Methodius.
> Either way, this happened at the 'great schism' between the Western
> Christian Church
> and the Eastern Christian Church; and anybody, with a bit of thought, can
> see that this was done
> to divide the Catholics from the Orthodox still further.

Except C&M were nearly 200 years before the Schism . . . and, for that
matter, after having been sent from Constantinople, they were called
upon the carpet in Rome--at which point Pope Nicholas ordained
Methodius, told his own archbishop in the dispute to back off, and
sent C&M back . . .

> P.S. Pinot Noir 2011.

But that won't be very Noir any more, will it?


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