Playing a sound

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Thu Dec 12 17:30:30 EST 2013

After all these years, this is another very naive question, but if I create a player object which points to a sound file say 30 seconds long, and execute

    start player "myVoiceRecording"

the player does start, but it stops again after a second or two. I can't find anything in the usual sources to explain how to let the thing simply run until the end, as one can by clicking on the controller if it was showing (it isn't). I think maybe it's because the script runs on after I start the controller and eventually switches cards, which apparently (not documented AFAIKS) stops the sound. But since

   wait until the sound is done

doesn't seem to apply to player objects, what am I supposed to do? Do I have to work out the duration of the sound and put in a 'wait' of that length - I suppose it would work, but it seems very clunky.

Sorry to be dumb.



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