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Philip Hudson phil.hudson at iname.com
Tue Dec 10 16:10:43 EST 2013

On 10 December 2013 18:46, Richmond <richmondmathewson at gmail.com> wrote:

>> GNU/Linux is free software, not Open Source software.
> Anybody who tries to tell me that Open Source software is
> anti-capitalistic will have me pointing directly at
> Runtime Revolution: crafty capitalistic types to a man (err, sorry Heather
> and Co):

You are missing my point. GNU/Linux is free software, not so-called "Open
Source" software. So is LiveCode (which I think is RunRev's preferred
branding now), since they decided to go with the GPL.

"Open Source" is a project of "libertarians" who value only the development
process, not the freedoms, of free software (or Free Software, if we must).

I have also had occasion to contact RunRev and to thank and praise them for
making a viable and sustainable business out of our beloved HyperCard. I
like to think that in my own small way, by taking a reasoned and reasonable
approach and respecting their achievements and integrity and interest, but
stating clearly my own unwillingness to risk depending on non-free
software, I may have helped to influence them in the right direction. (They
gave me a straight but qualified "No" at the time).

Unlike you, I do not equate for-profit business with capitalism; they are
not the same thing at all. AFAICT as an outsider who only lurks on the
list, everyone who profits from LiveCode has produced at least *something*
of value, and (more or less) those who profit most have produced most;
therefore they are not capitalists. This is not splitting hairs. Capitalism
is a word with a meaning, and RunRev is not it.

I also notice that they have felt able and willing to allow others to
direct them in the use of their profits. Nope, not capitalists. Not even
close. Nor you, I'm afraid, as a *donor* of capital, however little, with
no shares to show for your money in return. Good man!

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