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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Dec 10 12:56:35 EST 2013

Philip Hudson wrote:

> Open Source is not ant-capitalistic

I support that view, and would cite my one dinner with Richard Stallman 
as my source.  While rms has a reputation for strongly worded opinions, 
I've never heard him speak out against people making money.

On the contrary, his preoccupation seems to more focused on treating the 
world as he treats his friends, at least with regard to sharing things 
that pose no loss to their originator, like software which can easily be 
copied without disturbing the original.

The way he talks of his friends is with such admiration and warmth that 
it's almost charming.  Given how much he values his friends, it then 
becomes easy to see how his views endeavor to promote the sort of 
sharing friends commonly do with friends.

For many of us, that sort of open sharing doesn't always work as a 
business model, and in some cases may even disincentivise quality and 
feature completeness if support and custom development are the only ways 
the project is made viable.

But for projects where it can be a good choice, it is indeed nice to be 
able to share stuff as one would share with friends.

I'm so looking forward to the next SoCal Linux Expo coming up in 
February, where for the first time I'll be able to freely share my 
favorite scripting language with all of my friends there.

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