Problem with decoding Array

Ruediger Wilhelm wilhelm.forchheim at
Tue Dec 10 11:41:16 EST 2013

As an LC greenhorn I am asking for advice.

When I push the button LC quits with the message "Runtime Error ...."
The button script contains:

global gUsersArray
on mouseUp
   open file $LOCALAPPDATA &"/Fit_Reit_Data/TeilnehmerDaten.txt" for read
   read from file $LOCALAPPDATA &"/Fit_Reit_Data/TeilnehmerDaten.txt" until
   close file $LOCALAPPDATA &"/Fit_Reit_Data/TeilnehmerDaten.txt"
   put it into tUsersEncode
   put arrayDecode(tUsersEncode) into gUsersArray
end mouseUp

In debug mode I can see that tUsersEndcode contains the
encoded string of the file TeinehmerDaten.txt which was
written there from the stack script via on closeStack.
When the button script is up to execute the line
put arrayDecode(...)...  LC quits.

I am working with LC 6.5.
Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding something?
Thanks for any ideas.


Ruediger Wilhelm
An der Holzbruecke 8
91301 Forchheim
Tel.: 09191/797979

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