LC vs mySQL

jbv at jbv at
Mon Dec 9 04:03:41 EST 2013

Yes, fulltext index offers a noticeable increase in performance
for requests such as "Match against", but as I said, there might
be records not found because of too common words that aren't
indexed (or something similar).

> jbv-
> Saturday, December 7, 2013, 9:54:54 AM, you wrote:
>> AFAIR I had some bad surprises in mySQL indexes, especially fulltext
>> indexes
>> because of reserved words, or words so common in english that they
>> aren't
>> included in the index. The situation gets even weirder with french
>> content of
>> DBs when some words are used both in english & french...
> As Pete said, generating an index doesn't necessarily guarantee a
> speed increase. I'm not sure of the utility of a fulltext index, and I
> don't think generating an index on a numeric field will gain you
> anything. But in other cases you may see a marked difference.

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