Help with revXML

Mark Wieder mwieder at
Sun Dec 8 20:36:07 EST 2013


Are you using LC 6.5.x? If so, you can use the xpath query functions
to accomplish this. Assuming the data in field 1, the following
function will give you the desired list. If you want just the country
names, substitute "/Country_List/Country/Country_Name" in the first

on mouseUp
    local tXMLDoc
    local tXPathQuery
    local tResult
    put "/Country_List/Country" into tXPathQuery
    put revXMLCreateTree(field 1, true, true, false) into tXMLDoc
    put revXMLDataFromXPathQuery(tXMLDoc, tXPathQuery) into tResult
end mouseUp

-Mark Wieder
 ahsoftware at

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