LC vs mySQL

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Sat Dec 7 12:24:24 EST 2013


Saturday, December 7, 2013, 8:37:01 AM, you wrote:

> In a script of my current project, I have 8 * 35 = 280 requests to mySQL
> to a DB of about 80000 entries, each request featuring a "where" condition
> involving 5 to 10 parameters (and sometimes conditions such as
> myCol = 125 OR myCol = 387 OR myCol = 547 OR myCol = 1205 ...)

> Even by carefully building my tables with indexes, I was unable to drop
> execution time of my script below 1890 ms.

Indexing is good. You'll lose a little time on writes because of the
need to update the indexes, but more than make it up on reads. Can you
move some of the processing into stored procedures on the backend? The
more processing you can hand off to the MySQL server, the faster your
response time will be.

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