TRYING to get LC server 6.5 to work using .htaccess

Warren Samples warren at
Thu Dec 5 09:15:48 EST 2013

On 12/04/2013 03:38 PM, stephen barncard wrote:
> Hi gang.
> I am still attempting to get *LC Server 6.5* to run using the .htcaccess
> method. I've checked the permissions several times, but not having success.
> 6.1 has worked flawlessly - but some features are missing and have been
> promised.
> Has anyone else tested 6.5 Server using .htaccess? Or any method?

Stephen, this is on Dreamhost? Do you have shell access enabled? If so, 
try logging in with ssh and run this:

ldd <path to livecode-server-6_5_0>

What does it return?

I have 6.5.0 working in a Caudium server. I can't help you with Apache, 
but if you have successfully gotten earlier versions running, your issue 
is probably not directly related to Apache configuration. You should be 
able to simply substitute the server executable, give it the proper 
permissions and go.

I notice that there is some kind of lag in this version running a very 
simple test page although I can't tell where or why it occurs. A simple 
script in two different virtual servers running under the same Caudium 
server: (6.5.0) (6.1.2)

6.5.0 takes longer to deliver the page content but processing the script 
itself doesn't seem to be the issue, although if you refresh enough 
times you might find it occasionally takes in the neighborhood of 20 ms 
to process and this seems not to happen ever under 6.1.2. Every now and 
again it also doesn't process the last line of the script to display the 
elapsed processing time under 6.5.0.

Good luck,


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