datagrid object: resizing advice for "on LayoutControl pControlRect"

Nicolas Cueto niconiko at
Wed Dec 4 18:20:14 EST 2013

Dear List,

The various LC teaching resources out there on datagrid objects
demonstrate resizing by modifying the "on LayoutControl" handler.  But
their examples aren't letting me see clearly what the resizing logic
is. Heck, it took me an embarassingly long while to figure out what
"pControlRect" referred to!

So, in search of a more concrete example, I'm hoping someone here
won't mind providing the script for an "on LayoutControl" handler for
this specific datagrid template:

group "Row Template"
width 626 height 66
loc 315,36
rect 2,3,628,69

graphic "Background"
width 626 height 66
loc 315,36
rect 2,3,628,69

button "fileicon"
width 64 height 64
loc 36,36
rect 4,4,68,68

field "filename"
width 422 height 64
loc 295,36
rect 84,4,506,68

field "filesize"
width 104 height 64
loc 572,36
rect 520,4,624,68

I figure with your kind help here, I can work backwards from the
script to figure out what the logic is.

Thank you.

Nicolas Cueto

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