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Alex Tweedly alex at
Wed Dec 4 11:27:02 EST 2013

Thanks Björnke. So far, only one copy - gmail is too clever for its own 
good :-)

It is indeed surprising that maxY doesn't work for stacked bar charts - 
it's a very useful feature, and I'd have thought it was even more 
important for stacked than for simple bar charts.  Oh well, I guess it's 
time to start writing code :-)

-- Alex.

P.S. forums. I know why I can't post - it's because I can't remember how 
to login. I know I had a different username or password for the forums 
vs the runrev store account (vs the on-rev account). Can never remember 
what they are, and the entry in InfoWallet has become too confusing 
(three usernames, two email addresses, 5 passwords all for different 
parts of runrev). Since I only look at the forums about once a year 
(just to see if the user interface has improved from abysmal to even 
barely usable :-), I decided I would just stick with the uselist. When 
(if) runrev enables the email gateway, then I''ll be a forum user, and 
not before.

P.S> megaBundle - great deal, unless you've already got 80-90% of it 
from previous Kickstarter and/or megabundles. :-)

On 04/12/2013 14:59, Björnke von Gierke wrote:
> Hi Alex (sending to you directly as well as the list, so you might get this twice in your inbox)
> The problem is that maxY doesn't work with stackedBar charts. I know it's kind of an unexpected feature to leave out for that particular type, but that's how it always has been :(
> To clean all 'settings' for ChartsEngine, you need to manipulate the custom property set of the group that shows the chart. Sometimes that can be confusing, so I suggest you browse trough the custom properties in the property inspector of the IDE and select the propertySet "charts" there. Then you can pick properties to delete one by one, or just delete the propertySet "charts" completely to start fresh. An approach that I use often would be to reset the properties and start completely over every time via script, it works like this:
> put "1,2,3" & return & "4,5,6" into chartsArray["data"]
> put "barsStacked" into chartsArray["chartStyle"]
> --etc.
> set the customProperties["charts"] of group "example" to chartsArray
> send "chartsRefresh" to group "example"
> Also make sure to check out the documentation stack, it's supplied with every download.
> If you can't post to, then you probably need to ask RunRev support about that... But of course you can always contact me directly on chartsengine at , or any other of my email addresses. All relevant information about ChartsEngine can always be found here:
> Cheers
> Bjoernke
> PS: don't forget that ChartsEngine is part of the winter holiday sale that RunRev is having right now:

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